One of our missions:

To assist the planet in every way possible.

One of the fundamental principles behind the existence of FlyPool is the idea of making everyone’s travels more virtuous. Globally, a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions come from the means of transportation used. Each individual can make an effort at their level, and one of the best ways to achieve this is to pool our efforts: let’s all embrace carpooling!

To truly give meaning to the effort, it was also necessary to find a way to ”repair” the damage caused by pollution. So, we have chosen to donate FlyPool’s profits to NGOs that actively work in favor of the planet.

Ocean gardener

The NGO Ocean Gardener has two main missions: first, to raise awareness among the population about the preservation of coral reefs, and second, to contribute to their restoration. Indeed, coral reefs are akin to the forests of the oceans, and their disappearance has a dramatic impact on marine fauna and flora.

If the origin of the adventure in the last century was commercial, it already advocated for better management of Indonesian reefs. Then, armed with their experience, marine biologists based in Bali, assisted by professional divers, coral cultivators, and even ordinary environmental advocates like you, were able to implement broader actions.

Today, there are five coral nurseries established around Bali. Leveraging the team’s 25 years of commercial experience, the NGO created in 2018 quickly saw the first results of its efforts. Educational materials were developed to raise awareness among users about the fragility of corals and their essential role in the marine ecosystem. Subsequently, an entire team of individuals was trained to plant and maintain the reef to ensure its continuous expansion.


APEEL = Association for the Protection of the Elephant Ecosystem in Laos

As we often hear, several animal species are threatened with extinction every day due to the disappearance of their ecosystem or human exploitation of their habitat. This NGO specifically focuses on the elephants of Laos and their living environment. If the latter deteriorates, the entire species is at risk

Only 800 individuals are still recorded in Laos, and fewer than 40,000 worldwide. This means that today, they are present on only 15% of their original territory. The main reason: the disappearance of their habitat. Indeed, a disrupted ecosystem—especially due to intensive deforestation—can jeopardize an entire animal species, and this is the case for the elephants of Laos

Furthermore, pachyderms are often seen as a tool for work or a tourist attraction, and they live in deplorable conditions. APEEL does what is necessary to rehabilitate these animals that have suffered greatly.

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