Go to and come from any airport, anywhere in the world?

Looking for a carpool ride or a traveling companion?​

Post your trip and collect points, or get a ride for free.

In advance or at the last moment, plan your journey from your home or hotel to the airport, or from the airport to your hotel or home, all from the FlyPool app. Carpool for free. with airport employees and travelers; the app matches your needs! Even better, earn FlyPoints when you offer your vehicle and use them for discounts with our partners or for low-cost items in the FlyPool shop.

Much better, choose the NGO to which we will donate the collected donations and advertising profits.

flypool gratuit


Drivers choose whether or not to charge for the trip. Passengers choose free or paid journeys, and can negotiate the fare of the journey. So you can earn Flypoints AND money! FlyPoints are given to you when you sign up, and when you run out of them, there are several ways to top up, including watching ads, which cost you nothing.

flypool respect environnement


We know that airplanes are not the cleanest mode of transportation. So, to compensate, let’s do our best to reduce our carbon footprint in other areas. It starts with your journey from home to the airport, for example: carpool with Flypool!


FlyPool's goal is to help save the planet! By doing meaningful and sustainable work through the creation of a service concept, FlyPool ticks all the boxes for sustainable development, enabling ethical growth.

A company with a foundation mission that helps others

FlyPool is not like other companies. Without a profit motive, we have a foundation mission. By allowing all of its users to save money while financially supporting green NGOs, FlyPool becomes a global player in a new humanity.

NGOs supported by FlyPool


Ocean Gardener is an NGO dedicated to the education and restoration of coral reefs. Since 2016, more than 80,000 coral fragments have been planted.
APEEL works to save and protect an endangered and crucial ecosystem for a species at risk of short-term extinction: Asian elephants. This NGO also works on the rehabilitation of elephants in their natural environment after years of abuse.

Interested in joining the FlyPool adventure as a professional?

Are you an HR manager or part of a works council? Do you want to provide the FlyPool solution to the employees you manage? By becoming a partner, enable your teams to benefit from free FlyPoints renewed every month, real employee benefit!

Become a FlyPool Private or Independent Ambassador

We offer you the opportunity to promote FlyPool around you, wherever you are in the world, and to work part-time for compensation.