Make yourself known by advertising on flypool

About Flypool

Flypool is a carpooling app arriving and departing from airports around the world. It offers an occasional transport solution for travelers, but also a regular solution for employees of the various companies that revolve around the airport.

Flypool’s audience is therefore very diverse, but all users have one thing in common: they will spend time in and around the airport, and will undoubtedly be interested in the services you can offer them.

Why advertise on Flypool?​

Broad demographic targeting

  • Permanent and temporary airport service workers

  • Airline team (cabin crew, management, administrative team)

  • Flight passengers

  • Accompanying travelers

Different advertising formats available​

  • Display format in our mobile application (banners, full-screen interstitial advertising)

  • Products or vouchers downloadable from the Flystore (to which all our users have access and on which they can spend their Flypoints)

  • Display ads on the web version of the application and on the Flystore

global tailor-made support

Our advertising offers are aimed at all types of businesses. Here are some scenarios in which Flypool would become a reference media in terms of communication:

  • A sandwich shop present in 40 American airports is promoting a voucher on the Flystore allowing users, for a few Flypoints, to benefit from a free coffee with every purchase of a sandwich. It also opts for a display advertising offer to display its take-away meal offer on the application, for users present in its airports.

  • A start-up has launched a range of electric scooters for long-term rental, throughout France. Users of the platform will regularly see banners and interstitial advertisements about this company when they use the application in France.

  • A casual clothing brand developed in Morocco has decided to offer part of its “Outlet” range at reduced prices on the Flystore: this helps the brand to make itself known while destocking its old collection to users in Morocco, who benefit from lower prices very attractive and exclusive in exchange for their Flypoints.

Want to know more about flypool advertising media?

Our offers are tailor-made, and depend on different factors. To obtain information on our advertising solution, the formats offered and pricing, do not hesitate to contact us via this form. Depending on your country and airport, your message will be sent to the Flypool ambassador responsible for your area.